Welcome to Collections Law

Welcome to Collections Law: Legal Issues for Australian Archives, Galleries, Libraries and Museums.

This online publication, authored by Shane Simpson, focuses on the subject of the business and law of public collecting organisations in Australia. It is intended that it be a suitable reference guide for public museums, libraries, archives and galleries in Australia.

In 2012 Simpsons Solicitors agreed to take over the development of Collections Law in partnership with Shane Simpson. We are delighted to host this resource and relaunch it on its new website http://www.collectionslaw.com.au

There are two options available to read this publication: it can be viewed online, where the reader is able to add comments at the end of each chapter; or a printer-friendly PDF version of individual chapters can be downloaded.

We encourage you to explore this website, and to provide feedback on the publication by using the comments tool at the end of each chapter section or by sending any enquires or comments to info@simpsons.com.au.

This publication is not a substitute for legal or other professional advice. Please see the disclaimer and limitations.

This page last updated on 10 July 2013.